Policy Briefs

Issues in Rural Maternity Care Series

The Issues in Rural Maternity Care policy brief series addresses current issues in the provision of maternity care in British Columbia and provides timely recommendations for improving the quality and safety of rural intrapartum care. Targeted at policy makers and maternity care providers, it is produced by the Centre for Rural Health Research and spans three thematic areas: 1) Planning Maternity Services, 2) Health Human Resource Issues, and 3) Monitoring and Maintaining Quality of Care. Policy briefs currently published are:

1. Planning Maternity Services

2009-symp1.1 Planning Rural Maternity Services to Meet Women’s Needs




2009-symp1.2 A Systematic Approach to Rural Service Planning – The Rural Birth Index (RBI)




2009-symp1.3 Geographic Induction – Time for a Protocol




2009-symp1.4 Sustaining Intrapartum Services in Communities with No Local Cesarean Sections





1.5 Primary Maternity Care in Rural BC – Time For Action


2.  Health Human Resource Issues

2009-symp2.1     Rural General Practitioner Surgeons – Supporting Sustainability




2009-symp2.2     Rural Midwifery – Towards a Sustainable Model of Care




3. Monitoring and Maintaining Quality of Care

2009-symp3.1     Access to Maternity Care – Distance Matters