Rural Surgical and Obstetrical Networks: New Opportunities

Robust local surgery programs are the cornerstones of rural health care infrastructure and are recognized to be essential for the sustainability of local maternity care. The capacity of rural communities to be a ‘first response’ to trauma, even when a patient may be transferred to higher levels of care, is crucial to the health of rural populations. The past two decades have seen the attrition of these local surgical programs, and the corresponding reduced access to care for vulnerable, rural and Indigenous populations.

The Rural Coordination Centre of BC has received funding from the Joint Standing Committee on Rural Health for an innovative project aimed at sustaining rural services, the Rural Surgical and Obstetrical Networks project. This funding will support the development of five foundational pillars including increased scope and volume, clinical coaching, telepresence technology, continuous quality improvement and evaluation in rural geographies across the province, underscored by a strong and robust evaluation. The evaluation pillar will be lead through the Centre for Rural Health Research and involve monitoring and reporting on province-wide clinical surgical and obstetrical outcomes and a process evaluation to assess the value of the networks themselves.

The Centre for Rural Health Research is looking for an evaluation coordinator to join our dynamic and creative team to work on developing and applying a provincial RSON evaluation framework. Click here for more information!



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