Community Toolkit

Community Toolkit FLOW ver 1 3

The idea of implementation – or how we apply the research we have done in a way that influences practice – is a challenge for all researchers. Last year, a community member expressed that they recognized the importance of local maternity care and felt their community was ready for it and asked, “How do we do it?” This is a logical and fair question: how do we bridge the “know-do gap”? I did not have an immediate answer, but suggested I would go away and think about it. This thinking led CRHR to develop the Rural Maternity Care Toolkit – a graphic representation of the steps necessary to implement rural maternity care at a community level. The poster is currently in draft form as we are seeking comments from community members and local practitioners about accuracy and comprehensiveness. If you would like to look at the ToolKit and provide feedback, please contact us! We are now working on the necessary interface between the ToolKit and local, regional and provincial planning processes and priorities: clearly, they must all be aligned.

For more information, please visit the Community Toolkit page. 

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